Where I Like To Read

Hello Readers, I wanted to share with Y’all about my favorite reading locations. I feel like everyone has one or two places that they absolutely love to sit and read in. For me, I have a few and it does depend on my mood, the weather and the time of day.


My Bed…

I feel like this is the most common and obvious location. My bed is absolutely comfy with all my pillow and blankets. I can curl up, lay on my side or stomach. I absolutely love reading in bed before I go to sleep because it is a real stress reliever and calms my nerves. It gets even better when it is raining outside so you put on you favorite PJs, get a warm cup of hot chocolate, (tea or coffee), and listen to the rain while getting lost in a good book. I probably do a good portion of my reading when I am in my bed.

The Bus…

This is a little bit of a weird location to enjoy reading. Especially since I get terrible motion sickness when I try to reading anything in a moving vehicle. For me, listening to an audiobook on the bus on the way to school is so enjoyable. It is a fun relaxing way to start my day as I head into classes. I typically have my coffee with me so I put in my earbuds, press play and look out the window while drinking my coffee.

Coffee Shops…

There is truly no better combination than a reading a book and drinking coffee. I am basic and I love to get lattes when I go to a coffee shop. However, I can make plain coffee at home, if I buy coffee I should buy something I can’t make at home. Anywho, sitting in a coffee shop is so aesthetically pleasing because you have your book, possible a cute outfit with lipstick on if you are anything like me. T wonderful coffee shop smell and people around you are studying, talking to friends, working on their latest manuscript, or reading a book.

That is all I have for this post. I how you enjoyed then please give it a big thumbs up by pressing the like button. Don’t forget to follow so that you do not miss any posts in the future. I will talk to you all later. Bye – Emily!


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