Top 5 Wednesday – Nostalgic Ships

Hello Readers, today is one of my favorite days which is Wednesday! As you may be aware I absolutely love to do Top 5 Wednesdays. So, here is another one.

This weeks topic is

Top 5 Nostalgic Ships…

“Discuss the first fictional couples you ever got butterflies over or couples you used to be really into when you were younger.”

PercabethImage result for percabeth

AKA Seaweed Brain. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase is probably the best couple out there. They had the classic enemies to friends, to best friends to the best relationship out there. This was a very slow ship to set sail.  One of my favorite and least favorite tropes is instant love (it has to be done right). If you look for instant love this is not the ship for you. It takes 5 books for them to start dating and it takes a total of 10 books for them to say I love you. Rick Riordan has done a wonderful job at building their relationship.

Edward and Bella.Image result for edward and bella

Speaking of instant love. I have mixed feelings towards Twilight. There is a lot that I absolutely love and enjoy and other things I am not much of a fan about. However, When I was a preteen reading Twilight for the first time. The relationship between Edward and Bella was everything to me.

Four and Tris

Image result for tris and four

This couple was my entire world when I read the Divergent Series. All I was able to think about was how much I wanted to be Tris and how badly I wanted Tobias to be mine. Now, I can stand the series and I did not even read the last book. 🤷‍♀️ I remember the excitement and all the high pitched squealing sounds I made whenever they did something that I thought was “cute.”

Daemon and KatImage result for daemon and katy

Still one of my favorite couples of all time. Daemon is a bad boy (ish?) Alien and Kat is a nerdy book-loving (obsessed) girl who moves next door the Daemon and his twin sister Dee. Their relationship started out as a love to hate. Daemon was such a jerk, with reason. While Kat is extremely stubborn. I love reading about their relationship😍 👽

Rhysand and Feyre.Image result for rhysand and feyre

Are you surprised at all??? I absolutely love love LOVE Feysand. Their relationship is inspired by the Hades and Persephone Greek Myth, which happens to be one of my favorite myths. THeir love is absolutely perfect and amazing and AAAAAAHHHHHHHH. I just want books about their daily lives.


That is all for this post! What are your favorite ships? GIve this a big thumbs up by pressing the like button. Don’t forget to follow so that you do not miss any future posts! I’ll talk to y’all later bye- Emily!





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