HELLO! I have a huge announcement! I moved my blog! I am now using Wix.com instead of wordpress.com. That is because I feel like wix gives a lot more options and control when building your website and they don't charge you for specific designs. I feel like I finally have the look I have been … Continue reading I HAVE MOVED!!!


TOP 10 Books of 2017

Hello Readers, Emily here and I am here to discuss my top 10 favorite books of 2017. This year I read a total of 50 books and there were some that were amazing and others that were kind of, well, not so amazing. However, today I am focusing on the positive and sharing my favorite … Continue reading TOP 10 Books of 2017

My 2018 TBR GOAL

Hello everyone! My name is Emily and I can not believe that it is almost 2018 and I am excited for a new year of reading. So, I was looking at my shelves and I realized that I have a TON unread books, how I managed to get so many books and not read them … Continue reading My 2018 TBR GOAL

The Secret Files of Phineas Foster by G.B. Gurland

Hello Readers! I am back with  a review. Fist, I want to thank Austin Macauley Publishers for sending me this book to review. Also I am so sorry for taking so long to review this book, College has taken over my entire life. Any who, I am going to go ahead and jump into the … Continue reading The Secret Files of Phineas Foster by G.B. Gurland

Books I Want to Read Before the End of The Year.

Hello Everyone. I am sorry for the long absence, a lot has happened this especially this past month. There has been a lot of sad news in my life. But I am back and I want to talk about something happy so lets talk about books. Today, I am talking about the books I want … Continue reading Books I Want to Read Before the End of The Year.

Reading Life Update

Hello to my loyal Readers. As you may know, my name is Emily, and I have the weirdest blogging schedule. I wanted to start posting regularly, but we all know how that has turned out. Any who, I am taking a break from my work, and I am giving you a reading life update. Am … Continue reading Reading Life Update

Books I am Taking to College

Hello readers! Emily here and I am currently in my dorm room. I have a break before dinner and I decided to take a break and give y'all a life update on what I brought. It was hard leaving my bookshelf because having all the options. I brought 13 books with me but I sharing … Continue reading Books I am Taking to College